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Excellent engineering is the result of a dynamic process composed of vision, planning, hard work, constant attention to detail, and ongoing communication.  Our depth and breadth of experience allow us to respond quickly and effectively to any situation.  Planned, frequent communication and easy access to our engineers minimize misunderstandings and provide you with the updated information necessary for your peace of mind.

“I would like to compliment you on your professionalism and your commitment to a partnership with the contractor, the engineer and the owner, to complete your projects with superior engineering, workmanship and value for the owner…You’re one of the last of the good engineers.”

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La Union Area Drainage Master Plan
Client: Doa Ana County Flood Commission

Major Damage in La Union after Major Storm Larkin Group NM prepared a Master Drainage Plan for the historic town site of La Union. At La Union a number of medium-size arroyos combine to generate large flows through the community during intense rain events. This has caused significant flood damage in the past. However, at the public meetings, we found that the residents were concerned about damage and nuisance produced by relatively minor rain events. The flows from smaller events were generated mostly within the community. These flows caused erosion of the fine-grained soils and deposition of them in low areas. Therefore, the study concentrated on both types of flows to produce a plan to reduce peak flows and carry them safely through the community using large detention basins and outlet pipes or channels, and a plan to reduce damage from lesser rainfall events by using inverted crowned streets and infiltration basins to carry flows and encourage groundwater recharge.

Our recommendations were timely, because in the same week that we presented the study to the County Commission, the La Union area was struck by a large storm that produced very large flows in the upstream arroyos. This storm caused the failure of one of the existing upstream agricultural ponds, and the resulting flow caused serious flooding and erosion. Major damage occurred throughout the small community.

Access "A" / Don Julio Road at NM 528
Client: Village of Corrales

Access A / Don Julio Road at NM 528 Larkin Group NM prepared the plans and details for the development of a four-way intersection at Northern Boulevard and NM 528 in the City of Rio Rancho, providing for a new eastern "leg" (Access A / Don Julio Road) into the Village of Corrales. We prepared a full set of construction drawings including geometry, drainage and grading, and traffic signals and controls for this MAP-funded project. Larkin Group NM also prepared a series of property acquisition maps in order for the Village to obtain the necessary right-of-way.

Agency and Area-Wide Flood Control Maintenance Contract 2012-2013
Client: Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority (AMAFCA)

Agency and Area-Wide Flood Control Maintenance A maintenance project to inspect and prioritize the extent of maintenance (repair points) type repairs for select reaches of the various AMAFCA/NMDOT/City of Albuquerque flood control structures / channels in the Albuquerque area. This project also included on-call assignments for the design and construction of emergency repairs.

County Roads S and 7 Improvements
Client: Curry County

Curry County Roads S and 7 Improvements Plans to enlarge Cannon Air Force Base near Clovis may cause the closure of County Road R, which now serves both the south gate of Cannon AFB and a large agricultural area. CR R is the only hard surfaced road serving this area from US 60/84. This project improved three miles of CR S and one mile of CR 7 to replace CR R. The most challenging part of the design was to preserve the existing surface drainage pattern while adjusting the road grades. The base bid for this project provided for regrading the existing dirt roads and placing a caliche base course and a double penetration seal coat on them.

Bear Canyon Arroyo Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge over I-25
Client: City of Albuquerque

Bear Canyon Arroyo Bridge at I-25 Bear Canyon Arroyo Bridge at I-25 The goals of this project are several. First, it provides a commuter and recreational crossing of I-25. This with other current improvements will provide bicycle routes from the Foothills to trails along the North Diversion Channel and along the Bosque. The second major goal is to provide pedestrian access between businesses east and west of I-25. Finally, it is important that these facilities be available to persons with disabilities. The bridge was opened to the public in December of 2012.

This project received the Best 2013 Project - Best Small Project (under $10M) award from the Engineering News-Record (ENR).

Bear Canyon Arroyo Trail (from west of Arroyo del Oso Golf Course to Wyoming)
Client: City of Albuquerque

Bear Canyon Arroyo Trail The two-mile multi-use Bear Canyon Arroyo Trail begins at a connection to an existing bridge crossing the Bear Canyon Arroyo and extends east to Wyoming Boulevard adjacent to an arterial roadway and the Arroyo del Oso Golf Course. The 10-foot-wide asphalt-paved trail services both bicyclists and pedestrians. A 6-foot-wide jogging path surfaced with a combination of crusher fines and natural soil is provided along a 1.5-mile portion of the trail. The alignment and grade of the trail were carefully selected to take advantage of the existing adjacent trees and other golf course amenities. To align the trail with an existing trail east of Wyoming, the trail crosses the Bear Canyon Arroyo on the east side of the Arroyo del Oso Golf Course. The prefabricated bicycle/pedestrian bridge, with a span of about 148 feet, crosses an undeveloped portion of the arroyo at a skew of 45 degrees.

Sierra County Road Department Projects
Client: Sierra County Road Department

North Side Palomas Road: This project included shoulder rehabilitation and widening, pavement resurfacing, and drainage crossing designs for just under two miles of North Side Palomas Road, County Road B070. This road has a history of accumulating silt that runs off the adjacent bluffs on one side and blows in from the nearby farmlands on the other side. The goal was to minimize the silt accumulation and provide adequate shoulder area for stockpiling debris resulting from future maintenance efforts. Also, since this stretch of CR B070 serves as a school bus route, repairing potholes and cracks and resurfacing were important in order to provide a comfortable and safe route for bus travel. Rip-rap toe walls at drainage crossings were provided to protect the pavement and adjacent shoulders from erosion. All work was done by the County Road Department. Therefore, the design used construction means and methods that were familiar to County Road Department personnel.

Monticello Road Low Water Crossing at Alamosa CreekMonticello Road Low Water Crossing at Alamosa Creek: The crossing of Alamosa Creek by Monticello Road was a dip section crossing. This has usually worked well because Alamosa Creek at this location is normally dry. However, in the wet summer of 2006, Alamosa Creek maintained a substantial flow across Monticello Road for approximately 30 consecutive days. This flow also damaged the dip pavement. The crossing was closed for about one month, cutting off convenient access to the many families living in the Alamosa Valley above it. Although the Alamosa Creek is normally dry, it has a drainage area of about 590 square miles. The construction of a bridge to pass major flows on this large stream was beyond the budget of Sierra County. Therefore, it was decided to construct a low water crossing. This crossing consists of four eight-foot by six-foot concrete box culverts with appropriate erosion control. Because the bed load of gravel is quite large in this stream, it is important that the culverts be high enough to allow a skid loader to clean the culverts after a flow.

Old Hot Springs Road: A drainage problem developed when a local farmer constructed a dike along the road to protect his newly constructed drip irrigation from sheet flooding. This change caused the flow to run down the road and flood a field about one half mile to the south. The project included raising the grade of the road and diverting water into the Garfield Drainage Ditch. Since some water still was flowing to the field to the south, a grouted rip-rap spillway was constructed at the discharge point. Additional stormwater storage was also constructed by cleaning out existing storage areas to provide more capacity.

South Side Palomas Road: This project provided for shoulder cleaning and pavement rehabilitation of approximately 1.75 miles of South Side Palomas Road. The road was still in good condition, but beginning to show cracking. The Road Department picked exactly the right time to rehabilitate this important road. In another couple of years much more work would have been required to return this road to new condition. Larkin Group NM prepared the plans and contract documents for NMDOT approval, and the Road Department personnel completed the shoulder cleaning, erosion control, and the seal coating of the road. This keeps water from penetrating the surface and provides many more years of life for this road.

Arrey Streets: This project was to construct two of the streets in this small community to County standards. However, when we surveyed the project, we found that nearly all of the right-of-way for one street was there and the existing street was within it, but the right-of-way for the other street was fragmented and much of the existing street was not in the right-of-way, sometimes not even close to it. After a public meeting, which was held on Saturday so the residents could attend, and considerable negotiation, new rights-of-way were obtained, and the new street was constructed essentially over the existing street. Because of the right-of-way problems and a rainy summer the completion of the project was delayed until September 2010.

Garfield Canal Bridge Replacement: Larkin Group NM provided design and construction phase services for the replacement of this bridge, which is situated over the Garfield Canal in Derry. The existing bridge was approximately 70 years old and in dire need of improvements. After a short study, it was determined that replacing the structure would be the cheaper option. The design was an 8'X8' concrete box culvert with wingwalls, headwalls, and apron. The total length of the structure is 75 feet. The deck width was increased to better accommodate farm equipment that frequent this road.

Multiple Street Improvements
Client: City of Aztec

Multiple Street Improvements The City of Aztec decided to use COOP funds to rehabilitate three existing streets. These streets were divided into four projects. Because the project start had been delayed, the City insisted on a 35-day design schedule. Larkin Group NM delivered the plans and specifications on time.

Larkin Group NM provided engineering design services including design of roadway, sidewalks, traffic control, survey, assisting the City with the bidding and award process, and construction inspection and administration. The project rebuilt Church Street from Aztec Boulevard to E. Chaco Street and Zia Street from Church to 800' east of S. Mesa Verde Avenue.

Wildflower Parkway Improvements
Client: City of Farmington

Wildflower Parkway Improvements Larkin Group NM completed the design of Wildflower Parkway from Browning Parkway to Yarrow Trail, approximately 5,400 feet, as an assignment for our On-Call Contract with the City of Farmington. The street includes two through lanes, a continuous left-turn lane, bicycle lanes, curb and gutter, and sidewalks. The project travels a narrow route between a sandstone bluff and an arroyo. Widening of the route had to include considerable fill. Because most of the right-of-way for the westerly part of the project would come from one property owner, it was important that the project fit his proposed development as well as possible.

Sunset Gardens Infrastructure Improvements, Water and Sewer
Client: City of Albuquerque

Sunset Gardens Larkin Group NM worked with the City of Albuquerque on a quick turn-around infrastructure project for the Sunset Gardens area between 90th and 94th Streets. The area had been annexed from the County of Bernalillo awaiting funding for infrastructure upgrades. Funding became available with a "shovel ready" requirement, and Larkin Group NM was given 38 days from Notice to Proceed until the delivery of the final plans to the City. We met this tight schedule. Larkin Group NM provided design engineering services for water and sewer lines, service connections, and fire hydrants throughout the project area.

Ouray Road Improvements
Client: City of Albuquerque

Ouray Road Improvements Larkin Group NM provided surveying and engineering design services for the Ouray Road Improvements project, which rebuilt 1,200 feet of Ouray Road from the intersection with Ladera to the intersection with El Tesoro Escondido. The design included lowering and cross-sloping the roadway to allow the 100-year storm overflow from AMAFCA's Ladera Drainage System Dam No. 14 to pass over the roadway. It also included new curb and gutter, sidewalks, concrete medians, addition of bicycle lanes, a new multi-use trail, and traffic signal improvements. Signing, striping, roadway lighting, and removal and installation of fencing were also part of the work. The dedication ceremony was held on February 19, 2010.

University Boulevard Streetscape
Client: Central New Mexico Community College (CNM)

University Boulevard Streetscape This was a safety and beautification project, located on University Boulevard SE from Basehart Road SE on the south to Coal Avenue SE on the north with a total length of approximately 1,000 feet. The project provided safety for the students crossing University Boulevard between the new 1,200-space parking lot and CNM's Main Campus.

This project included coordinating with Albuquerque's transit system study, signal design, traffic planning, and safety studies. In the project design we modified University Boulevard by removing existing left-turn holding lanes and the intermediate intersections to eliminate openings in the median. A new, continuous, landscaped median was constructed from Basehart to Coal with a five-foot-high continuous steel picket fence to discourage students from haphazardly crossing University Boulevard and directing them to cross at the lighted and signalized intersections only. The project included the installation of a new 12-foot-wide colored and textured sidewalk set back 20 feet from the curb along the west side of University. New landscaping was constructed the full length of the project within the sidewalk setback area.

La Cueva Inlet Storm Water Quality Facility
Client: Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority (AMAFCA)

La Cueva Inlet Storm Water Quality Facility The purpose of this project was to divert some of the flow from La Cueva Channel to a treatment facility from which it would be discharged to the North Diversion Channel. We realized that the diversion could cause a hydraulic jump that could flood the area. We met with the owner and jointly decided to have this part of the project modeled by the University of New Mexico. The result of the modeling was that some aspects of the diversion were modified, but the basic concept remained intact.

This project constructed a low-flow channel diversion and debris removal facility for storm water quality enhancement to meet EPA permit requirements. The project was a non-standard engineering approach to storm water treatment separating flotsam and sediment using a parallel weir structure rather than a perpendicular structure. The result can be cleaned from one end to the other with a small loader.

Animas River Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge
Client: City of Aztec

Animas River Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge This project provided a convenient connection between Riverside Park and Hartman Park. Both parks have a large number of youth league games and many other activities for the enjoyment of all ages. Previously, the only connection between the parks was a two-mile drive on City streets. This bridge now provides a direct link between the parks so that parents with children playing in both parks at the same time can easily move from one to the other.

The bridge is a prominent link in the riverside bicycle trail in the City of Aztec, providing access from the west side of the river to Hartman Park and a large residential area. The bridge connects to bicycle trails already in place in Riverside Park. The bridge consists of two 10 feet wide by 135 feet long prefabricated steel truss spans on auger cast foundations. It contains wiring for deck lighting as well as electrical outlets for holiday lighting. Overlooks are included at the center of each span to provide space for viewing the river and the local wildlife.

Larkin Group NM prepared a study and report to determine with the City the most appropriate bridge type, design flows, bridge elevations, and cost estimates. We prepared plans and bid documents, coordinated with the NMDOT, secured environmental clearance through our environmental subconsultant, assisted with bidding, and provided construction phase services.

I-40/Embudo Channel Trail
Client: City of Albuquerque

I-40/Embudo Channel Trail Larkin Group NM conducted the feasibility location study and design of the Embudo Channel Trail. This bicycle and pedestrian trail that provides an east-west trail to connect to the north-south North Diversion Channel Trail included the construction of approximately 1.5 miles of new paved trail mostly adjacent to AMAFCA's Embudo Arroyo Channel, just north of I-40. Construction elements included a 150-foot bridge over the North Diversion Channel, an MSE retaining wall, 8-foot metal picket fencing, pipe railing, trail signing, and benches placed at approximately 1,000-foot intervals.

This City project was closely coordinated with AMAFCA and NMDOT throughout the design and construction phases. The trail was constructed on AMAFCA property and a portion of the cost was provided from federal funds.

Water and Sewer Improvements
Client: Village of Angel Fire

Angel Fire Water and Sewer Improvements Larkin Group NM completed and updated plans and specifications, which had initially been prepared by another firm. This project provided for the extension of the water and sewer systems from the "downtown" area to the northern Village limit. It included the construction of approximately 4.25 miles of sanitary sewer line and 4.9 miles of water main. It also included two lift stations and the construction of water and sewer service lines to each property.

Larkin Group NM provided full-time construction observation service. The project was funded by RUS.

Loma Larga Phase V
Client: Village of Corrales

Loma Larga Phase V Larkin Group NM prepared the plans and specifications for the reconstruction of approximately one mile of a major route in the Village of Corrales. The final design provided for a two-lane rural cross-section with appropriate roadside drainage and ponding. In addition, we provided for bicycle lanes on both sides of the pavement and an eight-foot wide equestrian trail. The equestrian trail was offset from the edge of the asphalt with a five-foot wide buffer, in order to more clearly define the separation between autos and horses.

The configuration of pavement, bicycle lanes, buffers, equestrian trail, and open drainage ponds created a very wide-open vista for the new road. Larkin Group NM also provided full-time construction observation services to the Village.

Fourth Street Corridor Improvements, Phase I
Client: Village of Los Ranchos de Albuquerque

Fourth Street Corridor Improvements, Phase I This arterial street project widened approximately one half mile of Fourth Street in the Village of Los Ranchos de Albuquerque from four to five lanes with the center lane as a continuous left-turn lane broken by landscaped median islands. The intersection of Fourth and Osuna, long a bottleneck, was realigned to remove the offset across Fourth Street, and an improved signal system was installed. A signal system was also installed at Fourth Street and Schulte to provide a safer crossing for Taft Middle School students. Included in the project were a complex drainage system and replacement of all water mains in the project area.

The Taft Middle School site is being used for storm water detention under an agreement that provided for the project to build a multipurpose field and running track on the site. Much of the storm water detention volume is underground so the track and field are usable during all but the largest storms.

This project received the 2008 Project of the Year award from APWA/NM.

Isleta Boulevard - Phase 1: Roadway & Drainage Improvements
Client: Bernalillo County

Isleta Boulevard, Phase 1Larkin Group NM designed the new roadway improvements and provided the construction plans and right-of-way mapping for Isleta Boulevard, Phase 1. This old roadway has served as a major transportation route in the South Valley in Albuquerque, NM for generations. Because of Isleta Boulevard’s rich history, creation of a community-friendly environment was a top priority in the redesign of the new roadway. Project goals were two-fold: to provide a safer, more efficient roadway and to add facilities that would enhance the traditional South Valley neighborhoods. Under this project, Isleta Boulevard was widened to three lanes to provide safer left-turn access into the numerous properties along the route, and storm drainage facilities were created to handle runoff. The need for a safer roadway alignment resulted in the flattening of "Deadman’s Curve," which allowed space for a new neighborhood-friendly Urban Plaza. Additional amenities included a new multi-use park facility within a new storm water detention pond, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, roadside landscaping, artwork, and street lighting. Ultimately, these improvements will impact the quality of life for local residents and increase commerce for local businesses for the coming decades.

Larkin Group NM was honored with multiple awards for our work on Bernalillo County's Isleta Boulevard, Phase 1 project
: ACEC/NM’s 2004 Engineering Excellence Award - Small Firm Category, APWA New Mexico's 2003 Project of the Year, and Southwest Contractor Magazine's New Mexico Best of 2004 Civil / Infrastructure Project.   

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