As a representative of your community, your projects are your legacy. Larkin Group NM is dedicated to making every project a legacy you can be proud of. We are constantly learning and increasing our ability to be an invaluable player on the team that makes your projects work. Together we can improve the quality of life in your community.

“Larkin Group NM has consistently provided our office with excellent engineering work on time and within the budget. Their regular communication enables our staff to focus more time and attention on things other than keeping track of a contract.”

Paul Dugie, P.E. – Former Director
Doņa Ana County Flood Commission

John Andrews, P.E. - Principal at Larkin Group NM with ClientSurveying & Mapping

  • Right-of-way surveys and maps

  • Property plats and legal descriptions

  • Boundary, topographic, planimetric surveys

  • Design surveys

  • Construction staking and surveys


  • Analysis, modeling, planning, and design

  • Storage, transmission, and distribution

  • New source development  (surface and well)

  • Treatment and testing

  • Preliminary Engineering Report (PER)


  • Traffic Analysis

  • Street, roadway, and highway design

  • Recreational Trails

  • Corridor and location studies

  • Traffic engineering

  • Bicycle and pedestrian facilities

  • Traffic control design

  • Circulation studies

  • Parking

  • Existing Conditions Report

Storm Water Design and Planning

  • Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling and analyses

  • Drainage infrastructure

  • Drainage basin and sub-basin master planning

  • Drainage studies and drainage plan review

  • FEMA - Flood Plain Map Revisions (CLOMR and LOMR)

  • Flood Insurance Studies (FIS)

  • Dam break analyses

  • Storm water quality plans & permits

  • Flood inundation mapping

  • Water harvesting

Storm Water Management Systems

  • Sediment transport analyses

  • Arroyo channelization and lining

  • Dams, detention ponds, desilting ponds

  • Drainage system design

  • Water quality facilities

Waste Water

  • Collection system and interceptor design

  • Lift stations

  • Effluent reuse

  • Wastewater treatment and disposal

  • Facility analyses and planning

  • Preliminary Engineering Report (PER)

Construction Management

  • Construction observation, reporting, record-keeping

  • Construction staking

  • Shop drawing and submittal review

  • Agency review and coordination

  • Field and value engineering

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